RCM Media is one of Universal’s top vendors. Over the years, they have been very instrumental in delivering our in-theatre concession and media promotions. They are a very innovative group. In 2007, they worked closely with our team in the development of a 30-second concession spot which ran on thousands of screens across the country. I can always depend on them to deliver these integrated programs, which are a very important part to our overall in-theatre marketing campaigns.

John Hall – Senior Vice President In-Theatre Marketing , Universal Pictures

Southern is always striving to give our patrons an exceptional movie experience. RCM Media plays a key role in making that happen. By taking advantage of their studio programs, our customers get to take home a little piece of Hollywood. We have worked very closely with them to develop our Premium Kid’s Pack Program which includes a Premium Collectible Figurine. We have recently teamed with RCM Media and Allure to develop unique Interruptive Marketing content to run on our Digital Menu Boards to promote our Kid's Program. We depend on RCM Media to bring us integrated studio marketing campaigns and they continue to do so.”

Jodi Pine – Director of Concessions, Southern Theatres